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Making a booking for your dog to have a holiday with us can be done quickly and easily online. If you know the dates your dog will be staying with us, you are welcome to fill in our booking form below. It’s important to be aware when booking online that bookings are not finalised until you have received an email confirmation from us, although you can be assured the availabilities shown are accurate.

Exercise and Welfare

Snuggles Pet Resort has been specially designed to provide your pets with a stress-free environment that enhances their health and wellbeing. To ensure this, we’ve incorporated the most advanced kennel and cattery design, facility management and pet care techniques into our pet accommodation.


We understand that – as with humans – exercise is intrinsic to the mental, emotional and physical health of dogs. Based on this understanding, we include two daily exercise periods of 30 minutes, minimum, inclusive in the price of your best friend’s stay, because we believe it’s vital to your dog’s health.

At Snuggles Pet Resort, we exercise your dogs as much as we can and cater to individual needs and physical abilities. If your dog is sociable, we’ll allow them to play with other dogs of a similar size and temperament in one of our grassed exercise areas. Fully supervised, we give your best friend the freedom to interact, socialise, sleep, run or chase for as long as possible, sometimes for up to four hours a day.

For dogs that are older, infirm or less sociable, we’ll discuss their exercise and welfare needs with you before you arrive, so we can develop an exercise and welfare program specifically for their needs.


At Snuggles Pet Resort your pet’s welfare is paramount to our staff. The inspiration for the boarding kennels and cattery was conceived from the need to provide a higher standard of pet accommodation and care for your furry friends.

Unhappy with the pet boarding available and unwilling to house our family pets in wire and concrete cages, with limited opportunities for exercise, attention and play, we decided to build Snuggles Pet Resort.

We wanted to create a comfortable, safe, warm and spacious environment where your dogs or cats would feel at home and enjoy the company of animal lovers, while having heaps of time to play, explore and socialise. Where your pets would have privacy when they want to relax or be alone and also company when they want to interact.

With amazing views and areas to roam, as well as company, security, exercise and time to socialise, Snuggles Pet Resort is what a boarding kennels should be!

To make a booking for your pet to stay in our premium pet accommodation, or to discover more about our facilities, contact our team of pet lovers today. We are also happy to answer any queries by email, if you prefer.